Triomat Electrostatic impulse treatment

Triomat 600 EN

Triomat 600 Professional - Electrostatic Impulse Treatment For Commercial Use And Industrial Applications

Especially for commercial uses we have developed the Triomat 600. This model is laid out for continual water withdrawals; using a water flow sensor, water consumption is controlled and individually set to each working program.

The Triomat 600 was conceived for larger residential developments and for industrial applications. A total of 6 resonance coils are used which move the impulse field constantly back and forth. The total voltage of the impulses is 48 volts. 

Triomat 600
Triomat 600 Impressionen

Operating Costs Are Less Than 15 € Per Year

The frequency is adapted to the applications accordingly and runs a little bit differently than by our smaller devices. This model is operated by using 3 keys: RESET, MENU and ENTER.

The input is very simple and occurs in dialog with the Triomat 600. After a power outage the Triomat 600 functions again with the previously selected program.

The Triomat 600 has a strong and functional casing. Specialized extremely stable aluminium mounting clips hold the Triomat 600 professional securely on the pipe. Aside from the aluminium mounting clips another unique option to the Triomat 600 is the addition of reset button making the operating of this model even easier.

Triomat 600 Professional Including pipe and wall construction assembly and power supply cord
Art. Nr.: 77 100 600 00

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