Advice for Your Layout

During the training, in college and universities there are a lot of information for designing electronic assemblies, but often there is lack of view for the final device.

It is really important to obtain all the essential criteria for a well marketed product right from the start.

Therefore we share this guideline with you:

1. Components' prices

With the first setup you necessarily check the prices of your components. Often there are cheaper alternatives.

2. Choice of housing

After you developed your circuit diagram and successfully made some test installations, you should focus on the housing. Choose the right shape and size for your housing and define the position for control and display elements, as well as other connections.

3. Machanical determination of PCB dimensions

Concerning the housing definition you need to determine following measurements:

  • Dimenstions of the PCB
  • Determine mounting holes and milling
  • Mounting holes for heavy components and their position
  • If necessary design ventilation breakthroughs in the PCB
  • If needed position terminals, but not close to the edge since you need enough space to plug in the cables!

4. Contact with exterior elements

Please note that the connections of display and control elements need to be defined in an arranged manner. Besides, we offer interesting THT-connectors for this that can quickly be mounted and prevent false wiring

5. Consider heat development

If you coose to use components that give off heat, please position these ones at first. They get installed at housing walls, heat sinks or at places where the housing enables ventilation.

6. Assume processor units according to the data sheet

Concerning a subsequent EMC-testing you need to avoid high frequency radiation already during the design process. Hence position processors according to the data sheets.