Deep-Drawn Packaging

Whether in-plant from one work station to the next or being shipped, it is required that parts are transported safely and properly.

For many years we have produced thermoformed packaging in-house in a department exclusively furnished for this production. Thermoformed packaging is produced for in-house use as a protective covering; we also produce packaging according to customer specifications. The advantage for our customers is the fact that we not only produce the packaging, but also produce the whole tool construction in-house.

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Safely Transport of Assemblies in ESD Deep-Drawn Packages

To simplify the process, send us the parts that you would like packaged. We will then create a corresponding form unsing our CAD/CAM workstation and present you with a 3D visualization of the finished packaging. If it is acceptable, a series tool is created using the CAD/CAM data.

We have ample experience in the construction of thermoformed packaging and will also advise you so that optimal results are achieved.

CAD/CAM Workstation

In the following you will see some pictures of our production, where we produce our deep-drawn packages. At present, we are able to produce forms uo to a size of 650mm x 500mm, and are able to further customize it, for instance to add punch-outs into the parts.

At this point we also have a complete vertical range of manufacture at our disposal to perform all processes in-house.

Tooling Form of a Deep-Drawn Package