Hot Bar Soldering Machine BLS-200

Front View BLS-200

This machine has been specially developed for series production, therefore it also has two drawers:
While the parts of the fi rst drawer are soldered in the machine rear, the second drawer can be rearranged at the front. This achieves the shortest possible time for a manual part assembly.
The drawers have a universal drill pattern on which various tool holders can be mounted. The soldering position can be set exactly for each table in the X and Y directions to approach the same soldering positions on both drawers.
The system is open in the work area, thus shortening the workpiece change times. A light panel provides security, our dialog button indicates clearances or hazards. The system is operated via a rotary encoder, which can also be operated with gloves. All information is displayed via a 4-line LED display.
The soldering head automatically changes from the first to the second drawer. As a result, the soldering always takes place with the same soldering head. The pyrolysis function ensures the cleaning of the thermode, whereby burnt deposits are automatically removed by a cleaning brush. A cleaning is done after each soldering cycle through a brass brush. Resulting solder vapors are sucked directly from the solder joint (external exhaust fan required).

Front View BLS-200

• Robust construction
• Adjustable illuminance
• Open in the front - protected to the rear
• Large rear work area
• Very clear operation
• Top design
• Table system (underframe optional)
• Double drawer system
• Fast insertion time possible
• Cycle time approx. 6 seconds, insert time <= 6 seconds
• Warm start
• Cycle and production time monitoring
• Suction system
• Dialogue via 4-line display
• Dimensions W: 100cm L: 90cm H: 90cm
• Connection: 240V/16A compressed air: 6

Rear view with closed protective cover during operation.

Rear guard open for service and setup work.