PCB Technology

Since 1980 we have produced products for the electronic industry in central Germany.

We ware always technical visionaries and patented quite a lot solutions. Besides pure product patentsNEUSCHÄFER also has process patents.

We set high standard and we are pioneering in many areas!

All PCBs are tested optical/electrical.

Our whole administrative, storage and production area is counting about 10.000m². The outdoor area includes over 2ha, so there is enough space in the charging area and parking spaces are easily available. For our visitors there are always free parking spaces available in the entry area (gate 1).

  • ERP-Software
  • Digital Production, completely paperless
  • Data Connection to all CNC-Facilities
  • High Rack Warehouse
  • Indentification of Raw Material via Barcode
  • Batch Management
  • Modern CNC-Drilling-Milling-Facilites
  • Laser Facilities with Resolution <20µm
  • Scoring Facilities with Jump Scoring Equipment
  • CNC-Controlled Punching Facilities
  • Cut-Sheet-Lamination (with Wet Set-Up)
  • Liquid Resist
  • Laser Direct Exposure in all Areas
  • Large Area Exposure until 900mm Length
  • 2 Vertical Galvanic Equipments
  • 1 Horizontal Galvanic Equipment
  • Chemical Run-Through Processings (partially over 60m)
  • Fully Automised Waste Water Cleaning
  • Spray Coatings
  • Digital Labelling (black/white)
  • Silk Screen (all Colors/Carbon/Special Coatings)
  • Hot-Air-Leveling (HAL)
  • AOI (for Internal Layers and Special Requirements)
  • Flying Probe Test
  • Adapter E-Test
  • Camera Measurement also for Serial Technology
  • Machineries for Deep-Drawing Packages
  • Blister Production
  • Plastics Injection Moulding Technology
  • Own Tool Engineering
  • Sputter Machine for Wafer Lamination
  • Several Laboratories for Product Development