Hot Bar Soldering Robot BLR-100

Closed work cell

For networked systems or systems for large throughputs, we also supply solutions with industrial robots. This technique is only possible
with our sporty soldering head, because we supply the soldering head with a standard power cable, which makes all movements. Through this combination not only all positions, but of course all angular positions can be areached. Furthermore, the materials can also be supplied with flux in advance. For this purpose, a fluxstamp is mounted next to the soldering head. A greater fl exibility and mobility can not be imagined. Changing the product is no problem and replacing our soldering head takes less than a minute. Allowing other thermodes can be used. The system has a modular structure and modules with infeed belts, rotary tables or exchangeable drawers can be used for the material supply. Normally, the attachment to the basic machine BLR-100 always produces an individual production arrangement, which is not only used for soldering, but also for hot stamping. All other known features like pyrolysis, warm start and complete monitoring are included in this machine as well.

  • Automatic start
  • Each position of the table is reachable
  • Cycle time approx. 6 seconds + Insertion time
  • Flux application optionally possible
  • Conveyor belt, rotary table, drawer possible
  • Dimensions W: 160cm L: 170cm H: 195cm
  • Connection: 400V/16A Compressed air: 6 bar

Full freedom of movement through the combination of an industrial robot with our patented brazing technique!

See our Hot Bar Soldering Robot in use.

Closed work cell

Basic unit with industrial robot

Feed line with conveyor belt (alternative rotary indexing table)

Operation ready complete module