Calculator for Track Width

When designing PCBs there is often the question which track width to choose to safely lead switching currents.

It always concerns the heating of each track, therefore you should think about, how much the tracks may heat up compared to the actual room temperature. This  leads to the track width.

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Benötigte Bahnbreite eines Stromleiters Ergebnisse richten sich nach IPC-2221. Für Richtigkeit wird keine Haftung übernommen.


Ergebnis für überzogene Stromleiter

Ergebnis für offene Stromleiter

The formulas used are limited according to the IPC-2221 as follows:

  • Currents up to 35 ampere
  • Track width up to 10 millimeters
  • Increase in temperature from 10 to 100Temperaturerhöhungen von 10 bis 100 degree Celsius
  • Copper from 18 to 105 micrometer

Other values in this calculator are only estimations.

The material has no effect on the calculation of the track width.