Hot Bar Soldering Machine BLS-100

Front View BLS-100
Art. No. 70 4006 0000

BLS-100 in Practical Operation

The Hot Bar Soldering Machine BLS-100 is a compact table system to realize series production. The machine works with one station and two-hand operation, therefore it can be open to have a quicker change of parts. Even long cables can easily be laid backwards.

The universal pegboard on the drawer's base plate makes it possible to easily mount and change different workpiece holders.

Like in all of our systems the hot bar soldering head can quickly be changed. You only need about 30 to 60 seconds for a change! By using two soldering heads with two different thermodes, you can easily switch between products and also reduce setup time. (The scope of delivery includes one soldering head.)

The BLS-100 is operated via a rotary encoder on the front panel, which can also be operated with gloves. All information is displayed via a 4-line LED display. The pressure of the thermode can be infinitely adjusted and the working height is absolutely variable by the use of a compressed air cylinder in the Z-axis.

The soldering head and the soldered parts are cooled quickly and reliably with compressed air. For this purpose, the system has two adjustable cooling tubes.

The system can be run in the „warm start“ mode via the corresponding menu selection, whereby the soldering head is preheated to about 160 degrees C (adjustable), which saves heating time and shortens the cycle time. If no renewed soldering takes place after a set time, the warm start will be switched off automatically to avoid damaging the system. All our systems have a pyrolysis function, while the thermode heats up for a short time up to 550 degrees (adjustable) and burns any existing deposits.

BLS-100 in Practical Operation
  • Robust construction
  • Adjustable illuminance
  • Open in the front - protected to the rear
  • Sehr übersichtliche Bedienung
  • Top design
  • Table system (underframe optional)
  • Drawer system
  • Fast insertion time possible
  • Cycle time approx. 6 seconds, insert time <= 6 seconds
  • Warm start
  • Cycle and production time monitoring
  • Suction system
  • Dialogue via 4-line display
  • Dimensions L: 68cm W: 60cm H: 59cm
  • Connection: 240V/16A compressed air: 6

Front View BLS-100
Art. No. 70 4006 0000

Schematic Illustration of BLS-100