EMS Consulting

Assembly with SMD and THT Components.

Since the company's foundation in 1980, NEUSCHÄFER ELEKTRONIK provided three main parts:

•    PCB manufacture (PCBs und FCBs)
•    EMS (THT und SMD)
•    Mechanics (Tool Construction and Plastic Technique)

These three areas build the foundation of every electronic device. Already at the construction of new systems and single apparatures many aspects should be considered, because an incorrect concept will lead to higher costs later on.

My team and I provide you with our experience and we are glad to support you with the implementaion of your product idea. We combine the analog technology with digital systems, take the developed electronics to the PCBs and finally combine them in an appropriate mechanical casing.

I am glad to support you and design with you your new product, not only with ideas, but with concrete implementations.

Compare this service like an architect, with whom you plan and build your house together. Within a short period of time you will hold the first realizations in hand, also with projects, which have not seen progress for a while.

Together with my team, I am looking forward to your request.

Wilfried Neuschäfer

Assembly with SMD and THT Components.