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Example of a Mixed Assembly: SMD and THT Assembly

Many assemblies are not just mounted and soldered, there are cases with specialities that cannot be realized with common facilities. Therefore an efficient mechanical department is also part of an EMS service.

We have a high-quality tool production in our company network, where we use 5-axis-simultan-milling-machineries, wire erosion, die-sinking, hardening oven and other processing systems, which are needed.

Thereby we cannot only produce carrier systems for assemblies, but also tools, with which we can also inject connectors or other plastic elements to a PCB.

Furthermore we can also produce and mount metal parts in special execution for your assembly. This mechanical support reaches up to material transport, because this part also plays an important role in a proper production.

Our enormous manufacturing depth offers great advantages for you!

Example of a Mixed Assembly: SMD and THT Assembly