Processing Information

Often FPCs are very small and the assembly of such tiny and separated parts are really difficult. Therefore we offer our customers to assemble and test the components in our company, before separating them. This reduces costs and leads to a better quality.

To equip separated FPCs automatically, assembly aids are absolutely necessary.

Such pick and place pads can be a plain FR-4-plate, in which compartments are milled and the FBC can be inserted.

Then the parts get fixed in the compartments by a polyimid tape (temperature resistant). After applying the soldering paste, they are ready to be equipped with components and get soldered.

Please note our temperature specifications for flexible polyimid circuit boards:


Before soldering the plated-through polyimid-FPCs, you need to anneal these for 3h at 140°C degrees, otherwise the circuit boards can be damaged.

We are glad to help you with the assembly of flexible circuit boards and we support you with 40 years of experience in this area.