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Triomat 600 Water Treatment System


Especially for commercial uses we have developed the Triomat 600. This model is laid out for continual water withdrawals using a water flow sensor, water consumption is controlled and individually set to each working program.

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This model is designed for continuous water withdrawal. With a water flow sensor, the water consumption is measured and each work program individually set for it.

The Triomat 600 was designed for larger residential complexes and also for use in industrial plants. The Triomat 600 works with a total of 6 resonance coils,
where the pulse field is constantly moving back and forth.

The voltage of the pulses is 48 volts. The frequencies are adapted to the applications and Run a little differently than our smaller devices. Operation is via 3 buttons: RESET, MENU and ENTER.

After a power failure the device reboots with the previously selected program. The Triomat 600 Professional has an absolutely robust and functional housing. Special, extraordinary sturdy aluminum construction clamps hold the Triomat 600 Professional safe on the pipe.

The special feature of the Triomat 600 Professional is, in addition to the Aluminum bracket, the additional built-in RESET button, which facilitates the operation of the device.

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