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Triomat 500 - Electrostatic Impulse Treatment For Commercial Applications And Residential Developments

The Triomat 500 is our model for apartment houses and commercial applications with large pipe diameters and higher water consumption. The construction of the Triomat 500 is similar to the Triomat 400, the essential difference lies in the number of resonance coils which cover a larger area on the conduit.

By using our proven technology we generate from our 12 volt operating supply unit a sweep and scan impulse of 48 volts. This signal is carried through a total of 5 resonance coils and is scanned to and fro in tact with the impulse signal.

We also gage the water flow and supervise the pipe temperature, so that acoustic signal is emitted in case of frost.

Triomat 500
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Operating Costs Are Slightly Above 10 € Per Year

The Triomat 500 is operated using 2 keys, which are larger due to the size of the device. This model also has 48 programs; each individual program is catered to the water usage.

It is directly mounted onto the pipe; specialized aluminium clamps made especially for this unit are provided. By using these clamps the Triomat 500 can be mounted onto pipes with large diameters.

Triomat 500 Including pipe and wall construction assembly and power supply cord
Art. Nr.: 77 100 500 00

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