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Triomat 500 Water Treatment System


The Triomat 500 is our model for apartment houses and commercial applications with large pipe diameters and higher water consumption.

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Houses with large pipe diameters and industrial complexes require appropriate water treatment technology. The Triomat 500 is designed precisely for these areas and delivers the necessary effectiveness due to the higher number of resonance coils.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology, the 12-volt operating unit delivers a sweep and scan pulse of 48-volt. 5 resonance coils pick up the signal. On this the signal is scanned back and forth in tact with the pulse signal.

Like the Triomat 400, the Triomat 500 has integrated water flow and tube temperature monitoring.

With 2 buttons, the Triomat 500 is easy to operate. Each program of the 48 basic settings is catered to the water usage.

Special aluminum moldings are used to install the Triomat 500 directly on the pipeline.

Triomat 500 Wohnblock
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