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Triomat 400 - Electrostatic Impulse Treatment For Single Family Houses And Apartment Houses

The Triomat 400 is the most current type of our water treatment systems; it differs slightly from our Triomat 300. The Triomat 400 consists of 4 resonance coils which have an intensive influence on the flowing water.

The coils are controlled by a detailed program, the Triomat 400 works with stronger impulses which are clearly better than that of cheaper devices or competitive products. The device consists of a similar operating function as our Triomat 300, in addition using a water flow sensor measuring the individual water consumption and providing this information to further control the system.

An indefinable number of programs thereby arise and a suitable relation is found between impulse and normal mode. The Triomat 400 is ideal for pipes up to 1½“ in diameter. A servicing of the Triomat 400 is not necessary, operating costs are slightly above 10 euros per year. 

Triomat 400
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Operating Costs Are Slightly Above 10 € Per Year

The assembly is comparable with that of the Triomat 300, as is the power supply. The Triomat 400 is suitable for the demanding house-owner who puts a value on automated expiries. A bright display unit which displays respective working state is included in this model. 

The casing was developed so that a generously dimensioned aluminium ground plate generates an extremely strong electrostatic basic damping, also allowing for mechanical stability. Clear operating elements offer comfortable programming. The clear case cover does not conceal our electronics which we must not hide. Impulse Generator Triomat 300 Triomat

Triomat 400 Including pipe and wall construction assembly and power supply cord
Art. Nr.: 77 100 400 00

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