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Triomat 400 Water Treatment System


The Triomat 400 is the most current type of our water treatment systems; it differs slightly from our Triomat 300. The Triomat 400 consists of 4 resonance coils which have an intensive influence on the flowing water.

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The Triomat 400 consists of 4 resonance coils. These coils have a tremendous effect on the flowing water. The stronger pulses of the Triomat 400 are clearly better than those of cheaper devices.

The operating function of the Triomat 400 is similar to the 300 model. In addition to the Triomat 300 the 400er series is measuring the water flow and individual water consumption in order to control the device better.

As a result a indefinable number of possible programs arises and the ideal solution is found between impulse and normal mode.

Pipes of up to 1 1/2″ in diameter are workable with the Triomat 400. The device is best suited for single-family and apartment houses. A bright display unit which displays respective working state is included in this model.

You can find more information about the Triomat 400 in our product description.

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