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Triomat 300 - Electrostatic Impulse Treatment For Camping Vehicles And Weekend Houses

The Triomat 300 is the smallest water treatment system in our series. It was constructed to treat in particular pipes with small diameters. It consists of 3 resonance coils which are simply wrapped around the water pipe.

The device is easily operated through menu guidance using two keys and has a total of 48 different working programs. The device is set with variables such as whether it is being used in an old or new building, the diameter of the pipe and the mode of operation intensive level or pipe maintenance.

The water hardness must be imported with 4 possible levels. The Triomat 300 is then started and even with a power outage all previously keyed in information is stored, once power is restored the device begins operating once again from the beginning. 

Triomat 300 ENG
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Operating Costs Are Less Than 10 € Per Year

The assembly is very easy and is either directly with special plastic holders mounted onto the pipe or with the provided adapter mounted to the wall within close proximity of the pipe. 

An external power supply unit directly connected to the Triomat 300 is included. It is suitable for consumption for campers, weekend houses and small flats with a pipe diameter of ¼‘‘, ½‘‘and ¾‘‘. (1“ = 25.4 mm). A servicing of the Triomat 300 is not necessary, operating costs are less than 10 euros per year. The Triomat 300 has two modes of operation, namely impulse and normal. During impulse operation the intensive electrostatic treatment occurs, while during normal operation the electrostatic field is switched off almost completely. 

Our easily readable display has a blue background with white text; operation mode is clearly indicated on display. The user can thereby always see whether the system is functioning properly and in which operation mode it is running. A detailed instruction booklet containing initial operation procedures is included.

Triomat 300 Including pipe and wall construction assembly and power supply cord
Art. Nr.: 77 100 300 00

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