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Triomat 300 Water Treatment System


The Triomat 300 is the smallest water treatment system in our series. It was constructed to treat in particular pipes with small diameters.

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The Triomat 300 water treatment application helps reduce lime to an absolute minimum. No more lime stains on trinking glasses or fittings.

Three resonance coils are wrapped around the water pipe in order to set the Triomat 300 up. Two keys help navigation the settings easily.

48 different working programs help to get the ideal water treatment with the Triomat 300.

The device is set with variables such as whether it is being used in an old or new building, the diameter of the pipe and the mode of operation intensive level or pipe maintenance. The water hardness must be imported with 4 possible levels.

Triomat 300 Wohnwagen Beispiel
Triomat 300 Haus Beispiel

The Triomat 300 is mounted directly on to the water pipe or on a nearby wall. The necessary power supply is included.

The device is ideal for campers or weekend houses with a pipe diameter of 1/4″, 1/2″ or 3/4″. A servicing of the Triomat 300 is not necessary, operating costs are less than 10 euros per year.

You can read more information about the Triomat 300 here.

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