Triomat Electrostatic impulse treatment

Triomat 100 EN

Triomat 100 A and 100 W - Electrostatic Water Pipe Treatment 

Triomat 100 A

The Triomat 100 A is a special device for uncomplicated application, for instance, in public toilets, company kitchens and other single areas where water is constantly used.

This model also operates with our standardized 48 volts of technology; however, it has only one program setting and no clear text display. We have produced the Triomat 100 A that it can be easily installed and no programming is needed. The device works alternately in impulse and normal mode.

The switch of operation mode occurs automatically. The operation mode is indicated with two light-emitting diodes. The Triomat 100 A has two power output stages and runs with 3 resonance coils.

Triomat 100 A
Art.Nr.: 77 100 100 10

Triomat 100A
Triomat 100 A Beispiel
Triomat 100W
Triomat 100 W Beispiel

Triomat 100 W

The Triomat 100 W was developed especially for the hotwater circulation in residential buildings. This model works constantly in impulse mode.

That is we constantly generate an electrostatic field. It is otherwise comparable with the Triomat 100 A. A blinking light indicates the working mode. The Triomat 100 W is mounted directly on the circulation pipe and works on the constantly circulating hot water.

It is to be mounted as an addition to the basic device for the main water pipe, it is not a substitute. The Triomat 100 W has two power output stages and runs with 3 resonance coils.

Triomat 100 W
Art.Nr.: 77 100 100 20