• Triomat-100A

Triomat 100 A Water Treatment System


The Triomat 100 A is a special device for uncomplicated application, for instance, in public toilets, company kitchens and other single areas where water is constantly used.

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No more lime stains on your fittings with our electrostatic impulse treatment for water pipes. 

The Triomat 100 A works with a standardized 48 Volt technology. It has only one program setting and no clear text display

We designed the Triomat 100 A so it is easy to install without complicated configurations. The Triomat 100 A works in impulse and normal mode automatically. Two light-emitting diodes indicate the actual operation mode. 

It has two power output stages runs with three resonance coils.

Triomat 100 A Beispiel


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