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THT Jumper

THT Jumper - Two PCBs connected electrically

THT jumpers are connectors which are used to connect two PCBs electrically.

Our THT connectors are basically made of high quality polyimide and are characterized as robust in processing, but also permanently safe to operate.

We provide a wide variety of types, which we have subsequently listed. Please note that different connection forms that can be made in the end. Bent jumpers are in delivered special packaging so as not to damage the bending.

All THT-jumpers have a track width of 100 μm Cu, as RM 2.54mm and 1.27mm the connection pin strength is 250μm, as RM 1.00mm the pin connection strength is 200μm.

THT Jumper Zeichnung
THT Jumper Diagram

Current Load Values

Below we will show you the orientation corresponding current load table.

Although the THT jumper is almost always reflow soldered the thermal load heat is too high there are special requirements over and over again, where such parts are required to go through the reflow soldering process.

Our THT jumper has the corresponding foil surface that is able to endure this high thermal stress.

Straight Pin Execution

With the „straight pins“ we recommend a pitch measurement of 2.54mm, so easy soldering of the pins is possible.

For smaller grid sizes, we recommend that the pins be bent. In the straight pin design, these jumpers are relatively easy to use in a PCB. As THT component our jumper can automatically be soldered in the reflow process as well as by the selective soldering process.

By using special surface foil all jumpers can be problem free reflow or manually processed.

Zeichnung des THT Jumpers
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Design Tip

Below we show you some connection combinations possible with our THT jumper

Execution hot bar soldering pins

By using Hot bar soldering pins the jumper can be directly processed using hot bar soldering (e.g. with our hot bar soldering technology Page 60).

Interesting is this method when working with aluminium core PCBs, e.g. in LED technology. The hot bar soldering pins have a sufficiently large tin depot, deleting the need to add more tin while soldering.

THT Jumper Querschnitt
Designhinweise THT Jumper Bügellötpins

Design Tip

The connection pads for the hot bar soldering technology are relatively small and take up little space on the PCB.

The pads should also directly placed the PCB edge, where usually no other components are assembled.

Bent execution 60/90 Degrees

The bent connection form provides sufficient space which is particularly important in our smaller grid sizes (1.0mm and 1.27mm) to produce proper solder joints.

THT Jumper Footprints
THT Jumper Anschlussformen

Design Tip

We offer the bending in two angular dimensions our two standard versions with 90 degree angle and 60 degree.

The 60 degree version shows a better behaviour at constant vibrations on the connector pins and is less strained than the 90 degree bend.

Product Key up to 48-pins

Because of the many possible variations (total 124,362!) we listed the following for you making it easily understandable to order the required connector to suit your needs.

Please be aware that even though so many variations are available you do not need to worry about long delivery times. We manufacture most of these THT jumpers directly on customer requirement.

Because all production is performed in house, we are very fast! If you need a different version than those specified here, please inquire with us.

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