THT High Current Bridges

THT High Current Load Bridge

​THT​ high current load bridge - Separate load conductivity

​​In many electronic circuits very high currents flow in certain areas of the PCB. An example of this is in many circuit boards a connection at the conductor has a very high current flow for short terms.

To build such circuits reliably,a corresponding track reinforcement should be built in. You can very easily use our high current bridges for this purpose. 

We supply these high current bridges in a particular type of standardization, namely as a block device, where you can determine the number and arrangement of connection pins. Thereby maintaining calculation security, while obtaining the best adaptation to your PCB geometry.

THT High Current Bridges
THT High Current Bridges Various Designs

THT High Current Bridges Outbreaks


​​​ The bridges are produced in different heights. The following are standard height dimensions:

​Type I:   Construction height 5 mm
Type II:  Construction height 6 mm
Type III​: Construction height 7 mm
Type IV:​ Construction height 8 mm

(Other construction forms are available upon request.)

​​​Important: The Connection Pins

​Upon consideration of the maximum current loads, do not forget that not only the high current bridge play a part, but also the connection pins play a crucial role, when the question of the maximum current load is to be answered. The high current bridge ia delivered as THT component, ie as a plug in which is assembled manually. In order to carry high current loads on these bridges, we recommend a parrallel connection of several connection pins which are next to each other. You can attach a simple single power supply line and directly solder at these uninsulated gaps.

Outbreaks in the high current bridges allow skipping of cables or components. Another advantage arises from the fact that the high current bridges can also be contacted directly.

THT High Current Bridges Important about connection pins
THT High Current Bridges Connection Pins
THT High Current Bridges Current load capacity

​Current Load Capacity

​Below you see the current load diagram for the high current bridge. Note that clearly at very short current loads higher values can be achieved than as highlighted.

​​​Bending Point

​In some cases the high current bridge must be bent at a defined location. We can incorporate these defined bending locations to insure that the components are always bent exactly at the desired location. 

Multiple bendings are not a problem with the high current bridge this is realized through a thinning of the material.

THT High Current Bridges Bending Point
THT High Current Bridges Product Key

​​​Product Key

​Please define first the high-current type (I to IV), then specify the total length. The maximum length is 100mm. We require the mass dimension as well as at which point the pin size and location of the pins. To measure please start using the left edge. Example:

​Type I: High current bridge 5 mm
Type II: High current bridge 6 mm
Type III: High current bridge 7 mm
Type IV: High current bridge 8 mm

Pin 1: 5,0 / 1,5
Pin 2: 8,5 / 1,5
Pin 3:​ 12 / 2


​The first pin is 5mm from the left edge and is 1.5mm wide, the second starts at 8.5mm from the left edge and is also 1.5mm wide and the third pin starts at 12mm and is 2mm wide. Using the same method for the same with all other Pins; we will then create a drawing.

For your first price quote, we require only the overall height (5,6,7 or 8 mm), and the length of the highcurrent bridge. Please use the left product key for your inquiry. 

THT High Current Bridges Explanation