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​SMD-THT-Connector - ​​Elegant Plug-in Assemblies

​In the manufacture of assemblies there is often the request to vertically fit a base plate into a small assembly, for example, for active front panel electronics or even as a vertical module to power components of the lead base plate or to components in a large density still get ranked.

We have constructed connectors that can be automatically assembled using a pick an place machine and then reflow soldered.

The connectors come in different pin counts and are supplied in reels that are compatible to all pick and place Systems.

SMD THT Connector EN
SMD THT Connector Bauweise

​​Configuration and Sample Requests

​​The SMD THT connectors are configured to represent the plug in pins that protrude above the PCB edge, which later serve as a connection in further processing.

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SMD THT Connector SMD und THT en


​​The SMD THT connectors are standard sided SMD produced and then later THT component inserted into a base plate.

The footprint information is designed so that the film cover of the SMDTHT Connectors are still on the module board.

For the insert pins you will find information below concerning the hole diameter so that the later plug-in module can be inserted cleanly.

​Layout​ Tips

​Please note that within the assembly where several plug-in modules are mounted close together, the plug connections of our SMT THT connectors stand out a little further from the module plate and need space. In this case, we recommend that you have two scorings or step milling from your PCB manufacturer, which then small contact area for the protruding contacts arises:

SMD THT Connector Layouthinweise
SMD THT Connector Advice


​​With such a surface contact you can attach up to the final insertion of the module onto the PCB and subsequently seperate before the assembly. You then have a mechanical protection of the pins wich prevents them from bending.

​​Double Row Connector

​By default, SMD THT connectors are always assembled on one side. Take advantage of the second component side of your PCB where you can also place a SMD THT connector, so you get double row connections, which remain flat and are inexpensive to produce.

This opens new perspectives for modules that need to be space-saving. In such a dual assembly, we recommend the use of a milling step for the gap between the two PCBs, which after the end soldering can simply be cut out.

SMD THT Connector Double Row Connector
SMD THT Connector Oblique assembly possible

​​​Oblique Assembly is Possible

​It is also interesting that the plug-in modules after being soldered can be formed into an angular position.

This may be also interesting if the plug-in module serves as the front plate with operation elements or when accommodations must be made to save space: