Net Jumper EN

Net Jumper

Independent structure connection without a common circuit board

Our idea in the development of the Net jumper was that the connecting structure, regardless of a carrier board or flex circuit is to take place, in other words without a common circuit board.

The existing connection pitch can be spatially brought into the correct form. We developed matching connectors which are delivered on SMD reels allowing them to be automatically assembled.

What is new is the idea that not only SMD components are automatically assembled, but connection areas as well.The components and connectors are first mounted on a special support plate, after which it is printed with solder paste.

The components are assembled into the solder paste and are processed using a reflow oven while still in the support plate. There the soldering and the network components is achieved, after which the assembly can be lifted from the support plate.

Net Jumper EN
Net-Jumper mit Leiterplatten EN

From the surface into space

  1. Print carrier plate
    First of all the support plate is printed with solder paste. The use of the support plate allows the solder paste to be printed at the exact defined locations.
  2. Assemble components and Net-jumper
    Now the assembly of components and connecting elements into the solder paste surface is carried out.
  3. Reflow soldering
    The next step, soldering of all components is accomplished.
  4. Remove completed assembly from support plate
    Finally the completed assembly can be removed from the support plate.
  5. Spatial formed
    ​The assembly can now be spatially formed.

Applications for Net-Jumpers

Electronics have now taken hold everywhere and often there are complicated shapes, such as handles, in which a functional electronic unit needs to be installed. Our Net-jumper is technologically suitable for such situations. Through multi-part housing units incredible 3-D structures can be realized, included are our Netjumpers that can be formed in all directions.

Cost advantages of Net-Jumpers

New 3 -D techniques for such applications have already been developed, very often plastic surfaces are used and then plated with copper. These processes are complicated and usually offer only single sided PCB technology with coarse Layouts.

The costs are relatively high and for assembly one needs machines where the mounting head can move spatially. Net jumpers are assembled flat and can be produced using conventional SMD lines.

The connection structure is also relatively coarse compared to today‘s PCB technology, but we can combine Net jumpers with PCBs, where for example the wiring of a processor remains as it must be . When comparing the cost of the Net-jumpers to
other 3-D techniques we always win!

Net-Jumper Beispiel1&2 EN
Net-Jumper Beispiel 3 EN

Combination with PCB

Very interesting is the possibility that the Net-jumper can be assembled outside the PCB. In this case, now the high-resolution structure of conventional PCB technology, with the connectivity of the Net-jumpers are combined. This allows processors to be properly connected and display and controls to be directly connected. The result is a ready to install unit:

Net-Jumper Kombination mit LP EN

Assorted standard parts

Net Jumper Übersicht