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Jumbo Line Jumper

Jumbo Line Jumper - Mechanically Stable Construction

With most areas of application of our jumpers, it is always about very small construction formations.

Besides there is also a demand for corner assemblies which are mechanically stable in construction. For these uses we have developed our Jumbo jet line jumpers. The stable construction allows for the effect, that extremely high current streams can be transfered.

We produce these jumpers in assorted widths, however, normally it is almost always in a 2 pin implementation.

Shipped on feeder reels so that it can be easily used with your pick and place machine. With the bending the jumbo jet line jumper requires a radius. The following assembly situations arise from it in the bent state (here: 90 degree Bending).

Jumbo Line Jumper EN
Jumbo Line Jumper Diagram

Jumbo Line Jumper Current Carrying Capacity

On account of the huge size and a full copper construction of 150 μm, the jumbo line jumper is able to endure high current streams.

In the following table we have highlighted the Jumbo line jumper in yellow so you can easily find the suitable type for your requirement:

Design Tips

During the assembly of Jumbo line jumpers a defined distance between the two PCBs must be taken into consideration, Below the specifics are shown.

Jumbo Line Jumper Design Tips
Jumbo Line Jumper Footprint

Jumbo Line Jumper Footprints

For a reliable soldering of this component we suggest the following pad defintions to be implented.

Our tip accordingly is to implement the following Footprint as a complete component in your layout software, this will allow you to easily set it into position in future planning.

Jumbo Line Jumper Footprint Table

Jumbo Line Jumper Fixing Point

In particular with large components,like our Jumbo line jumper the bending does not always occur as we wish.

Thereby the crease is not necessarily in the middle of the jumper, but can lie elsewhere on the jumper, according to the strength ratios used in bending.

We have investigated this in house, we have concluded that to have a optimum bending, we have constructed two fixing points in the jumper.

Jumbo Line Jumper Fixing Points
Jumbo Line Jumper EN

Bending Definitions

While bending the Jumbo line jumper the fixing points meet in the middle so that a suitable bend can occur.

The bending area is thereby reconstructable and within a series the bending is always the same, which with such large connectors is not always the case.

Tensile Strength

To test the soldered stability of our jumbo line jumpers, we have carried out tensile strength tests.

The test equipment helps to pull both jumpers to the linked boards, in a 90 degree position.

Jumbo Line Jumper Abzugstest beschriftet
Jumbo Line Jumper without Fixing Point Table
Jumbo Line Jumper tensile strength

Jumbo Line Jumper Test Results

Figures hardly give usable statements, therefore we have also carried out comparative measurements.

We measured the solder liabilty of a 3 pin standard SMD component and recieved a tensile strength measurement of 9,71 newtons.

It is interesting to note that during our evaluation that the Jumbo line jumper that is 4mm wide with 2 pins including fixing point behaved especially stable.

This is due to the placement of the fixing points camparitively to the total width of the jumper.

Jumbo Line Jumper Fixing Point Table

A stable part...

The jumbo line jumper allows for bending even with heavy component assemblies for example PCBs with large condensers and or with large heatsinks, as well as AC drives and other power electronics areas.

The parts are produced with a copper thickness of 150μm as well as being relatively wide the result is an extradinarily high mechanical stabiity. Nevertheless, they are able easily bent into the desired angle.

Jumbo Line Jumper Details
Jumbo Line Jumper Drawing 10

Jumbo Line Jumper Sizing

In the following we have listed our assortment of Jumbo line jumpers We produce these connectors with 2 pins and are delivered on reels.

All types can be produced with or without a fixing point. A jumper without fixing point is required for smaller assembly space.

Jumbo Line Jumper Sizes Table