High Current Jumper EN

High Current Jumper

High Current Jumper

Aside from signal transmissions there is constantly a need for for high current electrical connections from one PCB to the next.

We have developed a specialized multi pin jumper for these situations. They can be easily assembled using a pick and place machine, allowing you to produce high current electrical connections.

High Current Jumper EN
High Current Jumper Table
HighCurrent Jumper

High Current Jumper

This Jumper can be combined with our Bridge Jumper.

Shipped on feeder reels which fit in all standard pick and pick machines.

High CurrentTabelle

Design Tips

During the assembly of High Current jumoers the distnce between one PCB to the next should be taken into consideration.

This allows for the advantage that the two PCBS can be connected in many free postions. Besides, even assemblies in 180 degrees are conceivable shaping, folding down one PCB to another.

High Current Jumper Designtips
High Current Jumper Footprint

High Current Jumper Footprints

The Foot-Prints are deliberately chosen to be significantly larger as the connections of the High Current jumpers.

Thereby allowing for a circumferential tin connection which guarantees a reliable contact. Which is particularly significant with high current streams.

Assembly Situation

In the following we show you some examples how High current jumpers can be formed after assembly.

Through the bent pins tin solder build up is almost completely prevented, which allows the pins even after the soldering to be easily shaped:

High Current Jumper Assembly Situation
High Current Jumper Current Capacity

Current Carrying Capacity

In the following stream load table we have marked the High current jumper in yellow, so that the varying current streams for the different ones temperature warming, can be easily read.