Robuste Sensoren

Robust Sensors

​Robust Sensors - ​S​ensors for tough use

​Robust, but highly precise

​Robust, but highly precise

​For many years we have produced sensors and mechanical accessories for agricultural engineering, construction machinery and other robust uses. The requirements in this area are completely different than with all other sensor inserts. We first had to undersand that a sensor must have complete functionality and safely operate even when coated with a thick layer of dirt. We developed a way to seal moving parts to meet these requirements.

We do not manufacture standardized parts, but develop and produce for assorted Manufacturers customized parts for different systems.

​Mechanics are always present

​Often the electronic processes are not very complicated to implement rather, it is about finding a suitable mechanical solution. Our Steel components are cast and are then processed to achieve an exact final dimension. 

The mechanical construction of the individual assemblies is done in house. ​We have modern CAD / CAM seats, where the finished data can be sent directly to the processing machines.

​We ​​have:

  • ​​​Metal sensors
  • Angle rotation sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Robust special sensors

​A favorite topic: Magnetic coupling

​​​Rotary movements, switching signals and even data transmissions can be reliably and precisely implemented by magnetic couplings. Usually one thinks of pure permanent magnets, but there is also the possibility to couple an electromagnet using contactless signals. Angular positions can be accurately determined by using permanent round magnets.

Concrete example:

In a gas tank using a floating mechanism and a round magnet the fill level can be read. The round magnet round is measured through the gas tank wall and then electronically displayed. There is no need for a dangerous housing feedthrough through the gas tank wall.

Magnetic coupling with robust sensors
Product development is part of it

​EM​C cabin exterior view

​​​Product development is part of it

​PCBs are developed in our electronics laboratory according to your specifications. The prototypes are checked for interference in our own EMC cabin and the end product is designed so that CE certification poses no problems. 

Our development is strictly done according to ISO-9001 specifications and fully documented.


​To ensure the robustness of our sensors, not only are the axes but all other moving parts precisely encapsulated thus a form-fitting seal is produced, often complete systems are fully encapsulated. We have various potting systems in use to achieve proper encapsulation.

We work with highly accurate potting systems, the potting compound can defined and accurately set to 1/10 cm3. We use these systems for potting very small elements.

​Plastic connection

​Plastic connection

​​​To connect two plastic parts together we use ultra-sonic welding equipment with which two parts on a connection surface material can be tightly interconnected. This method is interesting for housing, in which something was previously mounted and then must be sealed.

A very effective procedure is where we use horizontal injection molding to completely encapsulate electrical components. A customized mold is produced where the electronic components are inserted and fully encapsulated. Subsequently the parts are molded directly with plastic.

​Precise angle sensor


  • ​Splash-proof
  • -40 to + 80 ° C
  • Impact resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
Example of a precise angle sensor

​Precise turn indicator


  • ​Measuring accuracy <1mm
  • ​Splash-proof
  • Corrosion resistant
Example of a precise turn indicator

​​​​Pr​ecise rotary transducer


  • ​Precise position indication <1 °
  • Accurate positioning
  • Splash-proof
  • Extremely robust
Example of a precise rotary transducer

​​Pr​ecise probe system


  • ​Millimeter-accurate query
  • Splash-proof
  • Corrosion resistant
Example of a precise probe system

​Metal​ sensors


  • ​Metal detection height> 100mm
  • Robust design
Beispiel Metallsensoren