Tool Construction

Tool Construction - Made in Germany

NE-Sensoric GmbH & Co. KG produces injection mold tools 100% in Germany; we specialize in small to middle tool dimensions, which cannot be supplied cheaper.

Early on we arrived at the decision that to provide an optimal service to our customer we must also produce our own tool construction. To achieve highest possible accuracy nowadays we directly feed our construction data from our CAD system into our production machine.

Make use of the advantages of a mid-sized manufacturing partner and get in touch with us. We are enthusiastic to hear from you.

Tool Construction
CNC Processing Unit


Very early we have recognized that while manufacturing tools it is essential to have an in house engineering department.

Thus, during development we not only focus on functionality but also pay attention towards the design. The quality of our products is based on 30-years experience, our technical knowledge and our modern production plant. To achieve highest possible accuracy nowadays we directly feed our construction data from our CAM system into our production machine.

Therefore we are convinced we can serve you as a competent partner also during the engineering phase.

Plastic Technology - Tool Construction Hand in Hand

In addition to our tool manufacturing units we also own injection mold systems, thus we can offer our customers a complete product package.

Thereby avoiding long distances between tool manufacturer and plastic manufacturer, we can offer significantly shorter delivery times. In case of necessary adaptations in the tools they occur immediately and in house.

An advantage of this manufacturing depth is that you basically have a single contact person which accompanies a project from design through tool manufacturing to finished product.

In that way all ideas, wishes and visions of our customers will be transferred reliably and free of data loss into the relevant departments and thereby taken into consideration in the development of the product.

Injection Mold Machines
First Sample Inspection

Your Benefit

To get a first sample of a new housing unit we have developed a special aluminum form technology with which we can provide cost effective rapid prototypes.

These parts already have standard character and are substantially more authentic than sintered parts. During the initial sampling inspection of prototypes customers are very often on site to examine the still warm parts directly after the mold release.

Desired changes can be discussed directly with the project manager and can be transmitted immediately to the construction department. Thereby avoiding communication and dispatch delays as well as possible data loss, achieving a time and cost benefit for the customer.

Plastic Part Printing

Plastic parts must often be printed to make the operating functions easier to manage. We have been printing for the past 30 years and use printing technology that is suitable to print plastic parts with a long lasting inscription. We use two different printing methods in house:

1. Screen Printing

This process is suitable for flat surface printing, in this process curved surfaces can either not be printed or the resulting print is poor quality. Using a screen printing
mesh the ink is then printed on the plastic part. This process allows a minimal line with of 0.4 mm, which results in an accurate contour.

2. Pad printing

This process is suitable for uneven and curved surfaces. The pattern is transferred onto a pad and then printing onto the plastic part, the pad can easily be fitted to
uneven surfaces which enable an accurate printing of such surfaces. The minimal line with is 0.076 mm which translates to a line with of 0.1mm.

Plastic Part Printing
Quality Checks

Continuing Quality Checks

Since not only the production tools but also the finished plastic parts must produced to the construction specifications, relevant measurements are continually done.

We use modern measuring machines that not only enable an exact measurement, but also allow the results to be documented according to ISO-9001 specifications:

With these measuring machines are all processing tools measured before they are installed in our CNC machines.

The resulting measurements can then be transferred to the CNC Automat which allows for a highly exact end product.

Quality Control