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Contact Flex

Contact Flex - Construct Your Connector

As a designer dive into a new world, namely in connection technology, we offer you the option to design individual connecting parts, for example, to replace complicated wirings in your devices.

This will not only save costs, but at the same time insure safety wiring in your unit assembly. Contact flex connectors serve for example as a multi pin plug in connector that can be directly soldered.

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Everything Is Possible

We can customize anything you can put to paper with pen, including any connection form, every angle and in assorted copper thicknesses, with predetermined bending points, and many outbreaks other design features that are important to you to have.

On the left hand side we show you the basic construction of a flex circuit board.

Cost Savings

Contact Flex always brings huge cost savings for your products, because you save expensive individual wirings and continue to form subassemblies, which are to be tested individually making for an improvement in the internal scrap rate.

In complex device wirings, arise industrial work processes and thus also arises a more professional device design.

Cost Savings through Contact Flex
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Different Connection Technology

Of course, we can provide you with individual contact flex so that you always have the right connection technology.

In addition to a wide variety of pin-widths assorted bending positions of the connecting parts are possible. We offer you many standard bending, in a variety of grids and bending angles.

Technical Data

Base copper:

0,25mm thick, according DIN 40500 material properties or
composition according to DIN 1787 (E-CU 57)

Cu-thickness tolerance:

0,25 + 0,00mm/– 0,03mm,
Flexible area 0,120 ± 0,025mm


Base copper: Standard 0,25mm thick, according to DIN 40500 material properties or composition according to DIN 1787 (E-CU 57) - Tensile strength 250 up to 300 N/mm,

Necessary end tolerances:

Contour mass among each other ± 0,10mm
Contour to conductor pattern(Series punching ± 0,15mm
Contour to conductor pattern (Laser cutting)± 0,05mm
Contour to conductor pattern(Single punching) ± 0,25mm
Contact pin length ± 0,40mm
Parallelism of the contact fingers (bent) ± 0,30mm
Position offset ± 0,13mm
max. possible part size with bei man. punching 400 x 600mm

Etching tolerances:

Contact pin width + 0,20mm/- 0,10mm
Hole diameter ± 0,13mm
Track width + 0,20mm/- 0,10mm
Copper thickness (Flex area)± 0,025mm

Conductor pattern:

minimal track width and spacing 0,30mm/0,30mm


galv. Sn/Pb, galv. Pure tin 0,012mm plus 100 %.
Hot Air Leveling (HAL) covered layer thickness of up to 0,040mm.
galv. Ni/Au, chem. Ni/Au

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