Neuschäfer Videos

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Family-Friendly Company

The famous reporter Christoffer Wendick from the swedish television (SVT) visited us to do a report about the child care in our company.

Neuschäfer Elektronik GmbH got honored as family-friendly company and these issues are part of our everyday life.

Skyride Jobs & Beats 2017

Take a look at our apprentices' daily life at Neuschäfer Elektronik GmbH

Kick-Off Meeting of Kunst privat! at DZ BANK Art Collection

Once a year the hessian comapnies show their art as part of Kunst Privat!. This year the Kick-Off Meeting took place at the art foyer of the DZ-Bank art collection. The hessian economy minister Tarek Al-Wazir lectured about the art market in hessia.

Hessenforum 2016

Wilfried Neuschäfer giving an Interview.

M+Eine Zukunft - The Finalists got inverviewed

Interviews Meine Zukunft 2016 - Neuschäfer Elektronik GmbH, with the project Fino Lino 1512

Fino Lino 1512 Hessen Metall

Successful in the category single products and services were Nick Spohr and Alexandros Tsiouplis from Neuschäfer Elektronik GmbH, Frankenberg, with their project Fino Lino 1512. Both trainees completely developed the innovative lamp Fino Lino 1512.

Kunst privat! at Neuschäfer Elektronik

We are a family business!

Wilfried Neuschäfer and his founded company are part of the market for a long time. Round about 100 employees still make it feel like a family business.