As chemistry processing enterprise we pay intense attention to the materials used by us and use basically only the chemicals which do not damage us and our environment. Sewage is processed in our in-house sewage arrangement so that the end product has once again the quality of drinking water.

The environmental areas as well as the area of the product development are supervised yearly by VDE (association of the electrical engineering and electronics) and, hence, are certificated accordingly according to ISO 14001 and ISO-9001.

Aside from this basic certificate which structures our approach and contact with dangerous materials, we have some very special Certificates which we need for specialized products:

Zertifikate Neuschäfer GmbH
Zertifikat ISO 9001 2015
Zertifikat ISO 9001 2015 ne sensorik
Zertifikat ISO 14001 2015
Zertifikat ISO 14001 2015 ne sensorik