Tank- and Pipesensors

​Tank- ​and Pipesensors - ​​True data


​New sensor technology opens new opportunities

​Today, signal evaluations are almost always carried out by high-precision processors that can make appropriate decisions. 

Unfortunately, signals are still partially detected by mechanical systems, which of course cause great inaccuracies. This is a big issue, especially for level monitoring, since most cars the tank contents are still monitored with such outdated techniques. Since these swimmers also fail very often, they are exchanged tacitly and without calculation during some visits to the garage.

We have developed a contemporary, reliable and highly precise solution for this purpose: Our „KL“ series of tank sensors.

​The basic principle of these sensors:


​Our sensors are based on thermoelectric effects, which is why we heat up thermocouples with a defined heating energy. The elements are connected in series and thus provide a correspondingly high voltage:

  • Heating is switched on briefl y
  • Now the heating output is determined and regulates
  • Heating is switched off
  • For the level measurement, the heating system becomes switched on again
  • After a short time the measurement of the Thermoelectric voltage = level


High thermoelectric voltage means tank is empty and vice versa, because the liquid to be measured is not enough to reach the heat energy in order to heat it up. Accordingly, no thermal voltage is generated.

​Presentation of the measuring principle: Thermo-elements connected in series are heated and cooled alternately, thus creating a thermal voltage

​We can do more:

  • ​Sensors from 20mm to 1000mm available
  • Measuring accuracy approx. 1mm gradation!
  • Adaptable to any tank shape

​​​Low unit costs by patented technology

  • ​Temperature compensation
  • ​Media resistance
  • ​Accurate measurements
  • ​Standard sensors

H​ighly accurate

​Our standard sensors with a length of up to 1000mm are already suitable for many tank systems. Of course, every intermediate dimension is also possible! The measurement also takes place at long lengths with a gradation of <1mm!



​​​Special level monitoring

​The big advantage of our level technology is that even very short fi lling heights or even level monitoring can be realized. 

In case of fill level monitoring, our technology can transmit the maximum fill level as well as the refi ll positions next to the message "Level too low".


​Circular sensor

​​Dry running message

​​We also manufacture round sensors that can be installed in a pipe system. For example, standard socket fi ttings are suitable where the sensor plates are simply screwed in, similar to a gasket.

With flat pipes, these sensors can now detect whether the amount of liquid still forms the entire pipe, or whether the pipe is e.g. only half flooded.

This also allows air bubbles in Capture pipelines to be registered.

​Sensor evaluation

​To control our sensors, you will also receive the suitable electronics from us. Thus, the most diverse output information is possible, depending on the requirements of subsequent electronics.

We manufacture sensors and the electronics always exactly matched to your product and from the smallest number to large series such as for the automotive industry.


​Built-in tank sensor with plastic guidance



​Series KLF - Level measurement

​Sensors for level measurement

  • ​KLF-250: level up to 250mm
  • KLF-300: level up to 300mm
  • KLF-350: level up to 350mm
  • KLF-400: level up to 400mm
  • Other lengths up to 1.000mm available!

​Tank sensor Type KLF-400

Baureihe KLF-400

​Series KLW - For simple ​displays

​For ​simple displays

  • ​KLW-20: 20mm probe length
  • KLW-30: 30mm probe length
  • KLW-40: 40mm probe length


  • ​1. ​​Level OK
  • ​2. ​​Refill
  • ​3. ​​Level too low

​Series KLC - Circular sensors flow rates

​Circular sensors flow rates

​Measurement with dry running protection:

  • ​KLC-05: pipe sensor 1/2" (from meas: 100ml/h)
  • KLC-10: pipe sensor 3/4" (from meas: 200ml/h)
  • KLC-15: pipe sensor 1.0" (from meas: 500ml/h)

​​​Series KLR - Circular sensors for pump protection

​Circular sensors for pump protection

  • ​KLR-05: pipe sensor 1/2"
  • KLR-10: pipe sensor 3/4"
  • KLR-15: pipe sensor 1.0"


  • ​1. ​Flow
  • ​2. ​No flow
  • ​3. ​Dry running