THT THT Connector

THT THT Connector

THT THT Jumper - Directly Solder A Multi Pin Connection

With the THT-THT connector you directly solder a multi pin connection, then it can be inserted into the PCB.

The problem often arises when connecting jacks or other front plate elements which can not be directly assembled onto the PCB. The advantage of assembly security arises when using a multi pin connector, by the use of a standardized THT-THT connector wiring errors can no longer occur.

We manufacture special THT-THT connectors specific to your application. Please note that these connectors are bendable and therefore are easily adapted to the housing situations.

THT THT Verbindungslaser

Custom Design

This jumper allows for every component to make contact therefore we have no default list of standard types.

Due to our manufacturing technology it is possible for us to offer smaller quantities at a reasonable cost.

For a quote please send us a drawing or the actual component to be connected and the quantity needed. We will then calculate the cost and send you the quote.

Smaller quantities are produced on laser systems. This enables for quick delivery as well as being exceptionally precise.

Easy Assembly

The component is fitted in a THT THT connector. We recommend for soldering the component a table solder bath allowing for all the pins to be soldered in one operation.

Alternatively, the soldering can also be done through reflow processing. The THT-THT connectors have a sufficient temperature resistance.

Vormontage EN

Selective soldering system for soldering THT-THT connectors

Assembly In A Selective Solder System

For larger quantities, the soldering of the THT-THT jumper can also take place in a selective soldering system.

All you need is a suitable receptacle, where all components
are placed accordingly, then retract into the selective soldering system.

The pre assembly step of the original component is now ready for further assembly, it is treated as a regular component and can be directly soldered.

Hot Bar Soldering Combination

Very interesting is also the application where the connections of the THT-THT connectors can be accomplished using hot bar soldering contacts.

For example, THT components can be easily soldered on aluminium core PCBs which is technically very difficult.

The soldering of the hot bar soldering contacts is very fast (e.g. a description is offered in this catalog for hot bar soldering technology) this is interesting in medium to large quantities. Due to the time advantage this technology is also very interesting for standard PCBs.


Hot bar soldering equipment for soldering a THT Connectors onto IMS-board

THT-Connector 9-polig -en

THT-Connector for 9-pin SUB-D-Stecker

Design Tip

The design of THT-THT connectors initial dimensions of the component to be soldered is important.

In the design of the solder joints, we are happy to assist you and construct the parts so that later they function problem free. The surfaces offered are lead free, leaded or even gold-plated.

The terminals of the jumper can be either straight or bent plug in pins as well as hot bar soldering connections.