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​​​Ro​lljumper - ​​​​​Movable Assemblies

​​Everyone knows the winders in our vacuum cleaners at home, but there is no real standard implementation for electronic assemblies in low voltage range.

There is a large list of such cases, such as with LED illuminated drawers or other lighting designs that call for motion. Rolljumpers are for you in this case.

Roll Jumper EN
Roll Jumper EN Structure


  • ​Drawer systems
  • Removable operations
  • Moveble keypads
  • Retractable units
  • Variable LED lamps – supply lines


​​Roll jumpers consist of a cable retracting element and a connector mounted onto it.

We offer two different cable outlet forms, namely, in 180 degree, and 90 degree angle, respectively to the connection level.

Both versions are connected directly with cables or alternatively directly inserted and soldered into a PCB. We offer our standard 4 pin roll jumper, although many other types can be implemented upon request.

Roll Jumper EN Versions
Roll Jumper EN Free Movement Endurance Test

​Fre​e Movement

​The cable outlet also allows a relative mobility of the cable line. Limiting the extension by a built-in mechanical stop. This also protects the band wind up connection.

In internal testing we tested the lifting motion with more than 100,000 cycles. In the endurance tests we have tested with a lifting of 500 mm:

​​Switch Contact

​​​It is also interesting that the roll jumper has one switching contact, which is switched on as soon as the flex band of the jumper is pulled out. Thereby unlocking can be generated, such as turning on drawer lighting or other such cases.

By default, the roll jumper has a 4 pin connection cable; the switching contact of the roll jumper with two connections is carried out separately.

With the switch contact the maximum extension is also limited. It can be switched on or off in the extended or unextended state.

Roll Jumper EN Switch Contact
Roll Jumper EN Installation Example

​​​Installation Example

​​​​The roll jumper can be directly mounted on flat surfaces. The cable outlet can either be 90 or 180 degrees.

​A direct assembly onto a PCB is possible. In addition, we recommend doing a screw or plug mounting on the PCB.


​​​Here you can see the exact measurements of our roll jumper. We supply the roll jumper as default in 4 pin versions. Other versions are available upon request.

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