Power Jumps EN


​​​​Power-Jumper - ​​​​​​High Current Over Scoring Edge

​The Power jumps can carry a current of ca. 8 Amps. Thereby they heat up by approximately 20 degrees with respect to the existing ambient temperature. They can be combined with our Short jumps​ and assembled over a scoring edge.

After the breakup, the power jumpers are cleanly formed due to their large size and also provide mechanical stability.

Below you will see the exact dimensions of these connectors . It has a pure tin surface and is delivered on reels. Which can be assembled on all available SMD placement systems.

Power Jumps EN
Power Jumps Drawing


​​Power-Jumper (patent​ protected, ​deliver on reels)

Art.Nr.: 57 5021 0000

​​Techn​ical Data

​​​When designing your PCB we recommend the subsequent footprint design.

The great advantage of this component is that the space-saving design allows for optimum assembly of a PCB. In combination with our Short Jumps the results are a low-cost 3-D form for signal and power cables.

Power Jumps Steps