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Mini Corner Jumps

Mini Corner Jumps - Small Multi Pin Connectors

The mini-Corner-Jumps are small multi pin connectors; we have specially designed to insure that PCBs connect with each other in a tight radius.

The assembly is done directly on to the panel board, after soldering, the entire construction is separated and shaped. The application areas are very diverse and by the small increments of 1mm and the shortness of the solder pins also 1mm, these components are always very popular, especially if there are space problems and PCBs need to be aligned in angular positions.

With the mini corner jumps even small cube structures can be realized.

The Assembly Situation

The diagrams on page 46 represent how far apart the PCBs should be so that the mini corners jumpers can be exactly placed.

The distance between the two PCBS should be 1.00mm, the standard milling distance by the majority of PCB manufacturers. Because of this minimal distance between the PCBs the jumpers do not require a bearing surface during assembly.

Mini Corner Jumps EN
Footprints der Mini Corner Jumps


For reliable soldering of these components, We recommend that you implement the following pad design.

Our tip is to make the following Footprints as a complete component in your layout program allowing you to quickly insert into future layouts. Please note the different pin counts.

With the following drawings you can create the apporpiate Footprints in your Layout program. The dimensions for all other types are the same and differ only by the number of pins.

Please note that these jumpers a very delicate construction and therefore have only a few bendings are arranged within the assembly.

Tensile Strength Test

In the following tables you can see the different tensile strength tests for different Mini Corner Jumps.

All tests were conducted within a 180° situation. In the flat mounting state.

Mini Corner Jumps
Abzugtest Mini Corner Jumps
Tensile Strength Test Mini Corner Jumps


The following types are available by default. Please note that these parts are delivered on reels and can be directly used with your pick and place machine.

Standardmäßige Mini Corner Jumps
Standardmäßige Mini Corner Jumps 2