Long Print Jumper - designed to facilitate in producing cost saving PCBs

The long print jumper is designed to facilitate in producing cost saving PCBs. By using the long print jumper a scored PCB can be completely assembled and a functionality test can be carried out in its flat form prior to being separated.

Through the long print jumper an interesting connection takes places between the individual strips which allows for a simple fold stringing the individual strip together. Thus reasonable cost PCBs above all can automatically be produced.

For example, benefits resulting from a circuit board 400 mm wide x 600mm long, 50 connected strips are 8mm wide, with a length of 600mm. Accordingly, the resulting 8mm strip a overall length of 3000mm, ie 30m!

Long Print Jumper EN
Long Print Jumper Assembled

The Application of Long Print Jumps

This is a very interesting application in the manufacturing of of low-cost LED strips. A not too important advantage is that the PCBs can be compactly tested for functionality before they are separated into their narrow and long form.

Many other applications underline the value of this jumper technology, particularly in the area of sensor technology resulting in allowing for diverse solutions.

Shipped on feeder reels so that it can be easily used with your pick and place machine.

For 8 mm Strips

8mm Long Print Jumper en
8mm Long Print Jumper 2 en

For 9 mm Strips

9mm Long Print Jumper en
9mm Long Print Jumper 2 en

For 10 mm Strips

10mm Long Print Jumper en
10mm Long Print Jumper 2 en

For 11 mm Strips

11mm Long Print Jumper 2 en