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DIL Adapters

DIL Adapter - For THT-Components and SMD-Style

Unfortunately, product life cycles are strongly reduced, but there are modules that may be needed after many years as a spare part, because they are installed inexpensive systems that are permanently in use.

In this case there is often the problem that THT components will be discontinued and are only available in SMD style.

We have designed these adapter systems, with which you can solve such problems urgently as THT parts which replace SMD types.

DIL Adapter EN
ESD Delivery System for 8-poligen DIL Adapter

DIL Adapter Delivery Forms

We offer such adapters already assembled with the corresponding components, so that you get a working unit from us,you only need to plug it into your THT assemblies it can be then automatically soldered.

Such parts are supplied unbent in ESD packaging. Before plugging these parts they can be bent easily using the built in bending points into the desired angle.

DIL 8 Adapter

DIL-8 Adapter is the smallest adapter with an 8 pin circuit which can be adapted as a THT component.

DIL 8 Adapter Table
DIL 8 Adapter
DIL 14 Adapter

DIL 14 Adapter

Our DIL-14 Adapter is designed to adapt a 14-pin SMD-IC into a THT construction.

DIL 14 Adapter Table

DIL 16 Adapter and larger

Here we have the largest standard IC adapter which can be adapted with our DIL-16, we can also supply suitable adaptations for other component sizes please inquire with us.

DIL 16 Adapter Table
DIL 16 Adapter
3 poliger Inline adapter

Inline Adapter

Inline Adapter is our answer to wire SMD components.

This application can be found, for example, often at HAL sensors where housing units need to be specially positioned where the PCB has no direct mechanical connection.

We supply these parts pre assembled as plug in components.

3 poliger Inlineadapter Table