PCB Technology

PCB Technology - Made In Germany

Since 1980 we have produced in central Germany rigid PCBs for various applications. We have advanced production equipment, such as plasma processing, laser processing, automatic laminators and image exposure units, state of the art drilling and milling; all production areas are constantly adapted to new technical standards and updated accordingly.

This is the only way we can keep up with today‘s requirements of PCB technology. During a tour of our production convince yourself of our capabilities.

We set high standards in our procedure structures as well as cleanliness, this is something we are proud of.

PCB Technology
Leiterplatten Großserien

Large Series

Our strength in the manufacturing of rigid PCB is our ability to produce samples, as well as small and medium batch production.

Despite modern technology and machines with large capacity, running high-volume orders parallel would exceed our capacity. That is why we have a cooperation partner, with which we work together and in such cases because of our close contacts, we can achieve very good price conditions.

Our customers are always made aware of this out of house production. Especially with relocation to our Asian partners, we are the contact partner and can if necessary always compensate for delays which may arise by in-house production. Similarly, we can electrically test all imported PCBs in-house.

We have automated test machines with automatic entry and exit. Visit our factory in Frankenberg!

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