Double Sided PCB

Double Sided PCBs

Double Sided PCBs - Lead-Free Soldering Surfaces

Essentially all thru plated hole PCBs produced inhouse are electrically tested. Our soldering surfaces are lead-free and our laquer surfaces are qualified by us internally and are thermally cured after printing, which endure large stress loads during later soldering processes.

Double sided PCBs are produced according to the following specifications:

Double Sided PCB
double sided pcbs
high end mechanic

High Quality Mechanical Production

Our sister company, ne-sensoric GmbH & Co.KG, produces on the latest CNC 3 and 5 axis machining.

We produce our own tools for manufacturing specialized plastic parts, as well as encapsulating complete electronic units. Furthermore housing units can be mechanically edited from all sides or filled with compound sealant.

Also interesting is the production of special metal parts for your assemblies. We provide you with this highquality composite cover all Mechatronic theme and feature an exceptional competence, when quality in the design and construction are necessary.