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NE Group

With the founding of Neuschäfer Elektronik GmbH in 1980 our company principles were formed. Since then these principles are the basis for our success and guide us in daily interaction internally and in the open market.

How we think:
When you stop trying to be better than the competition, you cease to improve.

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Hot Bar Soldering Download

Hot Bar Soldering

We have been producing for many years connection techniques that are compatible for hot bar soldering. Our main focus with these products always lay in the fact that we deliver to our customers practical connection elements which can be soldered reliably and later be controlled.

Aside from a new hot bar soldering concepts we naturally offer the corresponding equipment technology.

Hot Bar Soldering Head BG-350

The BG-350 soldering head is compact and generates the very high currents for heating up thermodes, almost directly at the thermode. 

The BG-350 does not need any additional Kapton tape to protect solder joints and thermodes! Incidentally, this hot bar soldering process has been patented by us!

Hot Bar Soldering Head BG 350

Connection Components

Our new solderable connecting parts, are a special innovation in the area of shaping your PCBs. The different standard components allow for varied configurations.

Many of these parts are patented by us, we are constantly developing new variations,your connecting problems can be easily solved by us.

Connection Components Download
Robust Sensors

Robust Sensors

For many years we have produced sensors and mechanical accessories for agricultural engineering, construction machinery and other robust uses. 

We developed a way to seal moving parts to meet these requirements.

Plastic Technology And Tool Construction

Very early we have recognized that while manufacturing tools it is essential to have an in house engineering department. Thus, during development we not only focus on functionality but also pay attention towards the design.

The quality of our products is based on 30-years experience, our technical knowledge and our modern production plant.

Plastic Technology and Tool Construction
Solderable Connection Technology

Solderable Connection Technology

Very few PCBs can function without external wiring, this is why wire connectors are often used to connect switching elements, plug connections, as well as additonal PCBs. 

Neuschäfer Elektronik GmbH has been producing solutions for many years, some of which are partially patented and provide a fast and easy connection solution.

Mass Metal Processing

Our employees are qualified in making the appropriate conclusions and discussing the necessary adaptations with you, if required.

Since our prototypes are manufactured on modern conventional machines on which as a matter of principle no mass production is performed, we are able to supply prototypes for delivery on short notice.

All production steps and test results are documented and archived according to ISO 9001 specifications.

Mass Metal Processing EN
Polyflex Circuits

Polyflex Circuits

Polyflex is the general identifier for single layer flexible circuits, usually consisting of a 250 μm to 300 μm thick copper layer which may also be partially uncovered on both sides. 

This means that in these areas there is an absence of carrier foil as a base material, which is the main difference to conventional flex circuits.

Short Jumps

Our company has for many years produced Jumpers to connect PCBs, which are then manually mounted and reflow soldered. Standard Jumpers are available in assorted sizes, grid masses, and carrier material. The carrier material used decides on the maximum processing temperature. On request we will gladly send you the appropriate reading material.

Our objective was to develop a Jumper that has no temperature limitations, which can be automatically mounted. Because of their size and their jump capabilities we have named this product Short-Jumps.

Short Jumps Download EN
Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoformed Packaging

Whether being shipped or in-plant from one work station to the next, it is required that parts should be transported safely and properly.

For many years we have produced Thermoformed Packaging in house in a department exclusively furnished for this production. 

Thermoformed Packaging are produced for in-house use as a protective covering, we also produce packaging as per customer orders.

Virgin Board Technology

SMD assemblies unfortunately still need periphery connection techniques. While there already are some surface mountable plug connectors available, there are still
components which must be mounted manually on SMD assemblies and once again either reflow or selective soldered, forcing additional steps in assembling a PCB with SMD lands. 

This requires compulsory doubling all production steps beginning with the production planning, continuing through to the actual mounting and finally the second quality check. ISO regulations will additionally require documentation of those steps.

Virgin Board Technology
Tank and Pipesensors

Tank- and Pipesensors

Today, signal evaluations are almost always carried out by high-precision processors that can make appropriate decisions.  

We have developed a contemporary, reliable and highly precise solution for this purpose: Our „KL“ series of tank sensors.