We are innovative and adapt ourselves constantly to the new product development and production technologies.

We pursue our own product development and are groundbreaking in single production procedures.

We support our customers with their manufacturing problems and compile together with them new solutions.

We protect our environment by the application of ecologically friendly procedures by pursuing our own processing arrangements for sewage and chemical waste (ISO 14001).

We strive to make products which not only benefit us, as the manufacturer but also customers.

We are partners of the electronic industry within Germany and worldwide.

The printed circuit boards produced by us are the basis of many electronic devices, not only with the electronic wiring but also fundamental mechanics.

We produce printed circuit board components which we ourselves have developed, for assorted uses for our customers in regard to price and product optimization.

Our products are adapted constantly to actual standards.

We produce with high precision by constantly investing in modern technology.

We train to ensure qualified personnel within all departments.

unsere Partner

1. Our Partners

We work closely with mid-size industrial companies, wholesalers and retail dealers.

Unsere Kontakte

2. Our Contacts

We treat our suppliers as we do our customers and remain in constant communication with both.
We pay attention to our customers and pride ourselves in reliability.

Unsere Produkte

3. Our Products

We produce products that are useful to our customers as well as ourselves.

Unsere Preisgestaltung

4. Our Pricing Policy

Our prices are calculated to correspond with the quality of the product and to ensure the future stability for our company.

5. Our Environment

Our production is ecologically friendly. The companies we work with have likewise the same thoughts and actions to protect our environment.

6. Our Technology

Our products are continually adapted to actual manufacturing standards and are optimized accordingly.

Unser Fortschritt

7. Our Progress

We are innovative and continue developing our products. The results of our research are incorporated into our production to offer the customer the latest products.

8. Our Image

We pride ourselves in having a good public image. We promote cultural events whenever possible, and feel obligated to the region where company headquarters are located.

9. Our Future

We offer long-term perspectives to our employees. We give young people a chance; we train and offer a future in the company.