​​​​​Jumbo-Line-THT - ​​​​​​​H​igh Load Capacity

​​The Jumbo Line THT jumper is technically comparable with our jumbo line-jumpers. They are distinguished by a plug in pin at the end of the soldering surface, this component can be inserted into the PCB with positional accuracy. It is a plug in component (THT-component), but may also be processed automatically since it is delivered in reels.

The subsequent assembly is particularly interesting since two very different types of PCBs can be connected, such as an expensive Multilayer with a simple double-sided PCB. In such cases a final manual assembly makes absolute sense.

Jumbo Line THT EN
Jumbo Line THT EN Application


​​​​The components are designed for very high mechanical loads. As a side effect, it also follows a high current carrying capacity.

​​Techn​i​cal Data

​​​​​The technical data is comparable with that of our jumbo line jumper (see page 26). The following shows the mechanical dimensions. By default we ship this component as a 2 pin part on a reel. Other configurations are possible, please inquire with us for other specifications.

Jumbo Line THT EN Article
Jumbo Line THT EN Dimensions