Single Sided PCBs - A Regular Renaissance

The single sided PCB is time again taken for obsolete, yet they experience a regular renaissance, for example, with the introduction of aluminium core PCBs.

We have in our production equipment specially designed for single-sided printed circuit boards, such as a fully automated acid etching line. All single-sided PCBs are tested using our AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) equipment and depending on the structure a function test can be carried out prior to shipping.

We produce single-sided PCBs according to the following specifications:

Single Sided PCBs
Single Sided PCBs
Automatic SMD Assembly

Your Advantage: Partial Assembly

It is interesting for you, that we can partially assemble all boards in-house. Some of our customers for example, have no way to assemble SMT components or would prefer that this operation already be accomplished for other reasons.

We can assemble components up to a size of 01005 and a maximum panel size of 400 x 800 mm. A fast and inexpensive option for your component preassembly.

Our manufactured PCBs need only to be transported to a different floor to be assembled. Tour our production to convince yourself.