Multi Layer PCBs

Multi-layer PCBs - Complex Control Systems Easily Implemented

Multi-layer are not indispensable today when it comes to implementing complex control systems. We produce multilayer with a variety of compositions.

To produce exceptional techniques we have a plasma treatment system as well as modern laser technology and special drilling machines.

Only with this quality equipment, are we capable of producing complex circuit boards of this kind.

EMV test
Multilayer Roadmap EN

Advantage: EMV-Test For Your Finished Assembly

We have a fully furnished measuring cabin, in which we can check your finished assembly. This is of particular interest for prototypes, because as you know, if necessary layout changes must be made for EMV certification.

Our technicians have extensive knowledge regarding the technical examination and necessary formalities. We can indeed not issue a certificate, but at least you get first results which serves as the basis for the official certification.

We see this as a service for our customers, because it is important that you can work with your products successfully.