Aluminium Core Boards - Fast Connections To Other PCBs

We have special lines for producing aluminum core boards. Beside special scoring machines we also have the possibility that we can actually cut in the hole threads, which can serve as a connection point for your assembly.

We are able to do the threads in our five axis treatment center and they can be introduced in the board at every angle. 

Specialized for LED technology we offer you thermally non discoloring white lacquer as a surface protection. We are able to do produce the solder pads so that they are ready for hot bar soldering. Thereby you are able to apply our components using hot bar soldering to quickly connect to a normal PCB.

Aluminium Core Plates
Aluminium Core Plate

Technical Data

We have included some technical data that we have amassed for this product. We will glady help with any speciallized questions you may have in the construction phase.

Aluminium Core Plate Technical Data