THT Assembly Hoods

THT-Component Hood

​​THT-​Component Hood - Multi-Pin Assembly Easy as Pie

​​​​By using the mounting hoods for the first time a simple and quick assembly of a multi-pin THT connector is achieved.

The hoods direct the pins of such a connector and make sure that they are cleanly inserted into corresponding contact holes.

At the same time such connectors can be safely transported and stored as well. After the mounting hood together with the multipin connector is inserted and soldered, the mounting hood can be disassembled and removed; the individual pieces are reusable.

THT Assembly Hoods
THT Assembly Hoods Details


​​​We usually insert the multi-pin connector into the mounting hood in house and deliver in this form to our customers.

Techni​cal Data

​​Our standard mounting hoods bridge a PCB distance of 8.6 mm.

The width is variable and depends on the number of pins of the THT connector.

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