Deep Drawn Packaging

Deep-Drawn Packaging

Get Order Into Your Storage And Production

With individual deep-drawn packaging you can put your products into the perfect fit transport- and storagepossibility and avoid product damage.

The explicit use of ESD-material all EMV-requirements are met. The packaging can be stacked counter clockwise and we can ship the proper fit cartonage to store and send the packaging dust free.

We take care of the whole planning and construction part for you. The only thing you have to do is to send us examples or drawings. Of these examples and drawings we reconstruct the proper deep-drawn packaging.


Use this cheap and easy way to get your individual packaging!

We manufacture every size outside of the standard sizes of course.

Price Graduation for Deep-Drawn Packaging

The following stanard prices are for our standard deep-drawn packages with a maximum cavity depth of 15mm and a 0,8mm ESD material (black)

Standard dimensions:  340mm x 340mm x 0,8mm  -fits most parts-

Manufacturing Cost incl. Construction: 850,00 €

One-Time setup cost/order: 100,00 €

Price per piece at 50 pieces        3,80 €
Price per piece at 100 pieces     2,90 €
Price per piece at 250 pieces      2,50 €
Price per piece at 500 pieces     2,10 €
Price per piece at 1.000 pieces  1,90 €

Fitting transportation box:
Cardboard 345 x 345 x 250mm (2 wavy)    2,90 €

Tiefziehverpackung Produktbild